How do I add images to my MPG generated pages?

Adding images to your MPG generated pages is quick and easy. In this article, we will explore the simplest way of adding images to your article.

Step 1. Add the image file names to your source file (database). 

Adding image names to your data source file

Step 2. Upload images to your WordPress Media Library folder.

Step 3. Click on your image to read the full image path. Save it to use on the template page.

Step 4. Replace the image source URL with file URL path and replace filename with image shortcode from the data source file.

Step 5. Enjoy!

Please note: you can add any img HTML parameters as you like or utilize the Picsum random image generator if you don't have actual pictures. 

For further help, you can watch this short tutorial video on How to Add Images to Multiple Pages in Bulk:

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