How to add new sections to Homepage with Elementor in Hestia?

This is a very interesting and useful outcome of Hestia and Elementor combination. By default, Hestia Lite and Hestia Pro come with various sections designed specifically for the theme.

What if you want to add another section which is quite different than the provided? We have provided Elementor plugin compatibility with Hestia. It comes in handy when you have such a need for your website. It will save both your time and money of custom coding for a simple new section.

This guide is for Hestia Lite users. If you are using Hestia Pro, is for you.

Here are the steps using which you will be able to add beautiful sections to your website without touching a single line of code:

  1. Install Elementor Page Builder.
  2. Go to your WordPress admin > Appearance > Customize > Frontpage Sections. Enable the About section if it is disabled.
  3. Go to wp-admin > Pages and edit the Homepage.
  4. Click on "Edit with Elementor"
  5. That's it. You will be able to see a section like this to add your custom section:

What is the difference between using Elementor with Hestia Lite and Hestia Pro?

With Hestia Pro theme, you would be able to create sections anywhere on the page. You will also be able to change the position of different sections.

Hestia specific Elementor Templates

We have provided two templates specifically designed for Hestia. Get more details on how to install and use them on your website.

How to customize the About section with Elementor

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