How to translate Neve using WPML?

In this guide, we'll cover how to translate any item of Neve with the WPML plugin. The same approach applies to other Themeisle themes, such as Hestia Pro.

🧰Tools needed

  • The Neve theme - here is the dedicated doc of the Neve theme that will provide you all the information needed to set it up and use its different features.
  • The WPML plugin - you can use this guide to help you get started with the plugin. To have full use of this plugin, make sure you install the core WPML plugins (WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management).

🗂Getting Started

Start by  configuring the plugin, using the button Configure WPML.

During the configuration for the WPML, you will be asked how do you want to translate the site and you have two options: 

  • Translate Everything - will send the content of your website to be translated automatically (1).
  • Translate Some - gives you control over the content that you want to be translated (2).

💬Translating Options

General procedure

This article is focused on the second option, the one that empowers you to choose which content to translate ( Translate Some ):

Step 1:

Navigate to Translation Management, to choose which content you want to translate.

  • 1 = area where you can set some filters.
  • 2 = pick the desired items for translation.
  • 3 = presents the language for translation and translation options.
  • 4 = button that will start the translation process.

Step 2:

After selecting a certain page for translation, you will notice the ⏳icon, suggesting that the translation is in the process ( waiting for translator ).

Step 3:

To start the translation, navigate to WMPL > Translation (1) and check the status of the page (2).

Click on the Translate button (3) to translate the page yourself.

Step 4:

Translate the page from the beginning until the end of it, using the interface.

When everything is translated, click on the Complete button.

Step 5:

You will notice that the status of the page has been updated to Complete and the View button is available to check the changes.


📝 Note: I translated only the title and the first sentence.

Translating Pages

The translation process is very similar to the one described above. Navigate to Dashboard > Pages and you will see all the pages of your website.

  • 1 = The ➕icon means that the content is not yet translated and you can create a new translation and edit it.
  • 2 = The ✏️ icon means that the content is already translated and you can edit it.

Translating Posts

As described above, navigate to Dashboard > Posts and will see all the available posts and their status. To translate a post, click on the ➕ button.

📝 Note: You can use the Language Switcher component of the Neve Header Builder, to customize the icon that allows for translations.

Translating Menus

Step 1:

Navigate to Appearance > Menus and check the current menu structure and language (1).

Step 2:

Click on the ➕button after Translations to create a new translated menu.

Step 3:

Insert a menu name and start adding the translated pages into it.

Save the menu and check the changes on the front page.

📝 Note: Check this doc for further details about translating Menus.

Translating Strings

Navigate to WPLM > String Translation and there you will find all the strings available in the theme. You can filter the strings presented, to suit your needs. 

Click on the ➕button to insert the translation for the string.

📝 Note: Check this doc for further details about translating strings.

Translating Widgets

The widgets can be translated from the string area too. Navigate to WPML > String Translation and set the domain Widgets.

All the widgets of the theme will be displayed there. Click on the ➕button to translate them.

📝Note: Check this doc for further details about translating widgets.

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