Why do we recommend a yearly membership?

The team behind ThemeIsle is maintaining about 10+ products for both free and paying users. On top of that, we are adding new features to them and build new themes and plugins.

This requires a dedicated team, a lot of knowledge and energy, but nothing will be possible without our paying customers. They sustain all of our efforts to build high-quality products that are easy to use. 

This is why our premium products licenses are available for a variable time period, depending on the package you choose.

For example, Essential has its licenses available for 12 months. During this period, you will receive security updates and support, quick fixes and new features. However, the product will work  continue to work even after 1 year and you have full rights to use it as it is. You paid for it, it is yours!

    So, why should you get a yearly membership?

    • You care about your website (this is probably the main reason)

    Being up to date with the latest updates is the best way to keep out those nasty hackers. But it is known that WordPress core updates, plugin updates or even theme updates tend to break websites.

    This is why a PRO product will receive a quick update and  these situations  shouldn't be a concern. Without an active license, it is impossible to troubleshoot these issues because you will not receive any updates.

    • The price of developing a website
    The cost of a website can easily skyrocket. You will need plugins, you will want to make custom changes and tweak many other small things. By going the subscription road, you will make sure that your website is in good hands by getting support and documentation for those changes.
    • Without new customers, a product is deemed to die

    If you like a product you should help the authors to continue the development process to offer updates and support.

    Even if you are using a free product, at one point, the author could discontinue it. We all know at least one example of a great product that had to shut down because of non-paying users. If you like a product, you should sustain it.

    Keep in mind that you can also cancel anytime you want so you don't pay time and time again.
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