How to Manage Marketing Integration in Otter Forms?

📝 Note: This article presents an integration of the Otter Forms. Learn more about the Otter Forms from this doc.

Otter Forms provides powerful tools that easily connect your forms with different marketing software. We handle the technical work, automating data transfers and syncing customer details. This simplifies your marketing efforts and boosts campaign efficiency.


First, you need to go to the page where you want to display a form.


Click on the plus button to add a new form.


In the right sidebar, expand the Marketing Integration accordion.


From the providers' list, choose the one you need (in our case, Mailchimp).


Insert the API key using the link.


In the Contact List field, choose the name you want to associate the form with.


Under the Submit Action, you have two options:

Subscribe Only - this means that the users' data that fill in the form will be stored in your contact list (in Mailchimp), and the addresses from Email To won't receive any confirmation of submission email. It's perfect for newsletter sign-up forms where you want to collect user information but don't want to be notified every time someone signs up.

In the example below you can notice that the users appear as contacts, but no emails from them have been stored.

Submit & Subscribe (Default) - this option allows you to add the client's information to your contact list. Besides, it automatically sends the form data to a specified email address (or the admin). It also includes an option for users to give consent for sharing their data with third parties, indicated by a checkbox.

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