How to Customize the Portfolio section in Hestia PRO?

📝 Note: This section is exclusive to the Hestia Pro theme, available after installing the Jetpack plugin. Steps to follow in order to create your own portfolio:


Install the plugin using this doc.


 Activate the Jetpack plugin and navigate to  Jetpack > Settings.


Go into the  Writing menu, scroll down, and enable the Portfolio option.


Click on  Add a portfolio item, and you will be redirected to a sample page.


Start  customizing the portfolio using the available settings. There is a dedicated section for the Jetpack Portfolio Settings.


Publish the changes and go see the website.

Portfolio item

Portfolio on Hover

Options available here:

  • Disable section
  • Section Title and Subtitle 
  • Number of Items - type what number of items you want to be displayed.
  • Enable big boxes - will enlarge the boxes, but it requires at least three items.
  • Open in Lightbox - opens the image in a lightbox.

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