How to configure the Image Dropdown Input?

📝 Note: This is part of PPOM pro, which you can get from here.

The Image Dropdown input allows you to present a sneak peek of the product using thumbnails in a dropdown. The user can also access the product variation by clicking on the image, but only after a few configurations.


Navigate to WooCommerce > PPOM Fields, and add a new field group.


Insert the Image Dropdown input and configure its name.

Enable the Image Replace feature to ensure the proper view for your visitors.
Enable the Gallery effect to keep the images from the dropdown as product images.

Switch to the Add Images tab to insert the variations.
Insert the images and fill in the details.

Save the changes, attach the field to the desired products, then check the results.

The product featured image will be replaced according to the selected image from the dropdown.

📝 Note: Check the live behavior of the input using this demo.

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