Is Neve Compatible with Multisite Environment?

Activating multisite allows you to create a network with multiple subdomains or subdirectories on your website. This might be helpful for education purposes ( creating test instances ), managing clients' sites, creating a personal business network, etc.

The Neve theme is perfectly compatible with such an environment so that you can build as many subdomains or subdirectories on your website as you wish or create a personal network of websites.

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How to activate the Multisite Environment?

To enable the multisite environment, you have to paste inside the wp-config.php file the following snippet:

	define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );

Once you have done that, refresh the page, and under Tools, you will find a new option called Network Setup. This is the place where you can start configuring the multisite environment:

By default, if a Neve Pro Addon is activated at the network level, it gets activated on all the other websites in the multisite.

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