How to Use NoFollow Links?

There are some cases when nofollow links become really helpful for website owners to combat spam and promote other people's websites without your approval. This is because links help the search engine rankings, so owners might step over the fact that their websites are not relevant to someone's website and just try to promote themselves there.

Nofollow links are designed not to impact the search engine scales, making the destination URL not transfer to the Page Rank algorithm used by Google.

🛠 Structure of the nofollow links

The difference between the structure of a follow link and a nofollow link stays in the HTML code:

  • followed link
<a href="">Lorem Ipsum</a>
  • nofollowed link - adding the specific tag
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Lorem Ipsum</a>

🗂 Use Cases

Because the nofollow links help Google to ignore the link when crawling a page, these can often be found in the forums, comments areas, or sponsored links. To create such links, follow these steps:


Hover over the words that you want to link to something, then use the link icon to insert a link.


After adding it, click on the three dots and select Edit as HTML.


The last step is to add the rel="nofollow" tag.

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