LightStart - Maintenance Mode, Coming Soon, and Landing Page Builder Documentation

The LightStart - Maintenance Mode, Coming Soon, and Landing Page Builder plugin is a perfect tool for any website that lets visitors know your site is down for maintenance or add a coming soon page. These pages can be displayed for certain backend or frontend roles and can be easily adapted to your needs.

  • ✨ fully customizable
  • πŸ—‚ wide palette of designs

πŸ“© Download and Install 

To download and install the  LightStart - Maintenance Mode, Coming Soon, and Landing Page Builder plugin, make sure you follow the steps below:


Navigate to the WordPress  Dashboard Plugins.

Click the Add New button and type in the Search Bar "LightStart - Maintenance Mode".
When the plugin appears, click on the Install button, and then,  Activate the plugin, to start using it.

🧰 Using the plugin

To open the plugin settings, navigate to Dashboard > LightStart, then you will be able to see the configuration tabs.

πŸ“ Note: The templates include integration with Otter Blocks, which means you should install the plugin. If you deactivate the Otter plugin, the page will be broken.

There you will see five panels with customizations for your website:

Manage Bot


The general tab allows you to configure the common settings of the website while it's under construction. One important thing to note is that the maintenance mode has to be manually activated and deactivated from this tab:

  • Status - decide if the plugin is Activated / Deactivated.
  • Bypass for Search Bots - you can allow search bots to bypass the maintenance mode.
  • Backend Role - opens a dropdown with the roles that can access the backend website.
  • Frontend Role - opens a dropdown with the roles that can access the frontend website.
  • Robots Meta Tag 
  • Redirection - you can add an URL for the users to be redirected during the period when the website is down.
  • Exclude - add slugs /IP to be excluded from the maintenance mode so that certain pages will still work.
  • Notice - accept / reject seeing notices during the maintenance mode.

Don't forget to save the settings!

πŸ“ Note: Please note that if a user enters one of the pages that you added inside the Exclude area, its content will be visible, but if he tries to switch to a different page, the maintenance mode will appear.


The Design tab is the one that allows you to customize the appearance of the page, set up a maintenance page, and import templates:

If you  hover over the templates, the Import button will appear. After clicking on it, you will be notified that the previous import ( if you have done this ) will be replaced, and then you will be able to add your own customizations to the template by clicking on the Go to page button.

From this point, the page will be opened in the editor, and you can customize it as a regular page.

To  reaccess the page, navigate to Pages and select the Maintenance Page from there.

πŸ“ Note: Use the Otter Blocks to obtain even more outstanding results. Here is a dedicated doc.


This panel ensures your website's engagement by allowing you to configure multiple popularity tools integrations:

  • Subscribe - in this area, you will be able to track the subscribers, export that file as CSV, or empty the list.
  • Google Analytics - be on track with the traffic on your website during the maintenance mode, using the Google Analytics options.

Manage Bot

This panel allows you to configure a bot that simulates visitors' conversations. You can set up the conversation steps, pick a name for the bot, and upload an avatar to boost confidence.

πŸ“ Note: If you leave any field empty, it will not appear on the front end anymore.

πŸ’‘ Result - adding a bot to engage the visitor

πŸ“ Note: Please note that the countdown timer that you configure on the maintenance mode will not deactivate it once the time is gone. However, you can use its properties to pick a different end action, such as redirecting to a link or hiding it.

πŸŽ₯ Video - How to put your website in Maintenance Mode

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