How to translate Neve's logo using Polylang?

In this guide, we are going to translate Neve's logo with the Polylang plugin. You can also check this video on how to do it.

🧰 Tools Needed

  • Neve theme - here is a doc about how to install a theme.
  • Polylang plugin - here is a doc about how to install a plugin.

🚩Translating the logo

Once you have at least two languages configured, and two different logos uploaded to your Media Library, please follow the steps below.

Note: For more information on how to translate your whole website with the Poylang plugin, there is a dedicated article on this page.

From your Dashboard, navigate to the Translations -> Strings translations page. After that, search for Neve logo, and you will see a JSON format with numbers and a true/false parameter.

The explanation of the string you see is as follows:

  • light and dark corresponds to the theme color palette - details are available here
  • 862 in the ID of the image set as the logo in the media library
  • same: true/false means that you want to use the same logo, on a particular language, on both the light and dark palettes; in case you want to use different images, set that to false

🔍 How to find the ID of my logo

From your Dashboard, navigate to the media library, find the image you want to use as the logo, click on it, then hover over the Edit more details button and check the number in the bottom left corner of the page, an example is below.

In this case, the ID of that image is 1455.

This is how you translate the logo by replacing its attachment ID in the formated string within the Strings translations page of the Polylang plugin.

⛳️ An Example

On the website given as an example, the configured languages are English and Romanian.

English header

Romanian header

The plugin settings

🎥Video - How to translate Neve's logo with Polylang?

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