How to Customize Chart Permissions in Visualizer?

πŸ“ Note: This feature is part of the premium version of Visualizer (only for Plus and Infinite plans), which you can get from here.

Visualizer Pro allows you to customize permissions, which means you can decide who can view or edit the charts that have been created. This gives you flexibility and allows you to prevent sensitive content from being viewed or edited by someone that should not have access to it. 


Navigate to Visualizer > Chart Library.


Select one of the charts to customize permissions and edit it.


Switch to the Settings tab.


Open the Permissions accordion to configure them.


Expand each of the subpanels to configure the permissions.

For both of the questions who can see this chart and who can edit this chart, you can select from specific users of the website or even roles (administrator, editor, author, etc.).


Page view as administrator

Page view from an Incognito window

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