How to activate the premium version of Hestia

In this guide, we will explain how to activate Hestia Pro without losing the work done with the free version of Hestia. The same steps work even if you didn't use Hestia free before.

If you used Hestia free before, do not remove it, let the theme active and follow the steps below. The previous changes will be automatically migrated to Hestia Pro.

Download the theme file

The theme file can be downloaded from your ThemeIsle account, it's called


Install it as a new theme

Install it as a new theme by uploading the zip file in Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes -> Add new, upload file. When it's ready, activate the new theme.


Activate the license key

Get the license key from your ThemeIsle account

Activate the license key in Dashboard -> Settings -> General.

For exploring all the theme options we recommend checking this article.

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