Neve PWA compatibility

What is PWA

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are mobile sites built with a JavaScript framework that delivers an app-like experience for your users.

The two main advantages offered by PWAs are:

  • Offline mode ( unlike websites who depend on Internet connection, mobile apps usually allow users to browse the app even when offline )
  • Improved performance

Neve support for PWA

Neve has full support for PWA. You just need to install the PWA plugin, and turn your site into a PWA.

Note 1: On iOS devices, PWA currently works only in the Safari browser.

Note 2: Currently, Chrome on Android and other browsers on iOS don't support the inbuilt prompt to Add to Homescreen. Due to that reason you need to manually add the PWA to your Homescreen.

Note 3: Hosting a PWA on HTTPS is mandatory.

Neve PRO's dedicated options for PWA

Neve Pro brings in an easy way of customizing the  Offline and Internal Server Error pages, specific to PWAs. You can create any custom pages using the Custom Layouts module. Check out how easy that is. 

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