Why I pay more if the package is 89 / VAT Tax

First of all, we are proud that you have chosen our products. If you come here, you probably ask why you saw the price 89 euro, and in your final payment, you had to pay more.

This is not our choice, but how things are working depending on the country you're living in, and if you are an individual or a legal entity. Bellow, are a few examples:

1. For the people that are resident in the USA, there is no additional tax

2. If you're living in Europe (or outwards) and you are a legal entity (you have a company), then you can add the VAT ID in the purchase pop-up to exempt the taxes. If you're an individual, then you have to pay the VAT Tax (Value-Added Tax - VAT) according to the country you live in. 

-Examples of how much you can spend by country:

  • France 20%
  • Germany 19%
  • Finland 24%
  • Luxemburg 17%

You can find more details about the VAT Tax here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value-added_tax

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