How to upgrade from Hestia to Hestia Pro When Using a Hestia child theme

This document will help you to upgrade from Hestia Lite to Hestia Pro when you are using one of our own Hestia child themes: Fagri, Orfeo, Tiny Hestia, and Christmas Hestia.

For the following example, we will choose Orfeo. To make Orfeo child theme to work with Hestia Pro theme you need to follow these steps:

1. First of all, you need to install Orfeo (which automatically installs Hestia Lite too, if not installed).

2. Install Hestia Pro and activate it.

3. While having Hestia Pro activated, you need to go and edit the file style.css from the Orfeo child theme.

You just need to change this line:

Template: hestia


Template: hestia-pro

4. After completing the previous step, activate Orfeo.

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