How to create a Facebook Application for Revive Old Post

This video shows you how to create a Facebook App for Revive Old Post plugin. The instructions on your current plugin might be different so you can follow the instructions step by step below the video.

1- Go to

2- Click on Add a New App from the top right corner then enter your preferred name
From the Products click Set Up on the Facebook Login option. After the page loads proceed by clicking Settings under the new Facebook Login option which appears under Products.

3- In the Valid OAuth redirect URIs enter: and save your changes. The Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs should change from Yes to No, if it does not then change it manually.

4- From the options on the left select Settings->Basic. In the App Domains text field enter your website link:

5- Scroll down and click Add Platform. From the new modal screen select Website, then in the website text area enter and save your changes.

6- Now you can copy the App ID and App Secret and paste it in the area on the right. Now everything is almost done, click the Authorize App button to the right of this screen, a new page will open asking you to continue as yourself, click Okay, the next page will ask you who you want the posts to be shared with, select Public if you want everyone to see the shared posts.

Be sure to change with your website URL and change http to https if your website uses SSL.