How to import Elementor templates in Hestia


Elementor Page Builder is one of the most popular page builder plugins out there, making it easy for users to create beautiful, complex layouts with a simple drag and drop interface.

We built Hestia with this idea in mind, to make it fully compatible with Elementor and all its options.

Hestia theme is compatible with Divi Builder too. How to create a landing page with Divi builder and Hestia.

But we didn't stop at the basic compatibility.

From now, Hestia comes with two templates specially designed to use with Elementor:

-  an About Our Business page template which can be used as a starting point for building your creative business website in a matter of minutes or simply beautifully showcase your business idea on your current website. (Download it)

- a Contact us page template, ideally used to easily stay in touch with your users. (Download it)


To use any of this templates, you will need to follow the next steps:

1. Make sure you have installed  Elementor  Page Builder.

2. Download each template on your machine. You can find the links above, for each template.

3. Navigate to Dashboard > Elementor > My Library. There click Import Template. For import, select the file downloaded in the previous step.

4. After the importing process is over, you can create a new page to use with that new template. Navigate to Dashboard > Pages, add a new page, select the Page Builder Blank template for that page and publish it. After that, just click Edit with Elementor to start creating the page content.

5. In the opened editing area in Elementor, you need to click the Templates icon on the left bottom of the screen to access all Elementor templates.

6. Click the My Templates tab, and select the name of the template you want to use ( in this case About Our Business template ) and click Insert.

All done! You should now have the template created.


1. About Our Business page template

2. Contact us template

That's it! Interested in Hestia Pro? Click here to see  Hestia vs Hestia Pro

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