Belise Documentation

Table of Contents

  1. Install & Configure Your New Theme
  2. One Click Install
  3. Adding and Editing Content
  4. Homepage sections
  5. Food Menu
  6. Customize Sections
  7. Configure Contact Form
  8. Full Width
  9. Adding Menu Navigation
  10. Other Options

A) Install & Configure Your New Theme

After downloading the theme, click on  Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload in your WordPress dashboard. Now, click the Choose File button, select the theme's archive from your local computer and press the Install Now button. In few seconds, WordPress will upload and extract the theme from the archive. All you need to do next is to press the Activate link under the message to finish the installation.

Keep in mind that Jetpack plugin and Event Organiser plugin are required to use some of this theme’s features, including but not limited to Events, Related Posts, Testimonials and Portfolios.

You can find Jetpack  here and Event Organiser here. Start by clicking on the Begin instaling plugins link to install and active them.

B) One Click Install

The one click install feature is provided in Belise Pro theme. Using this one can import the demo data easily with the given process.

Now that the theme is already installed, you can make it look like the demo with an easy One Click Install. Before you continue please install and activate the following plugins:

Please take your time to install and activate each of the plugins above.

After you have activated the Instagram feed plugin you can Configure it with the Access Token and User ID to showcase your pictures on the Homepage.

The next step is to activate the Widget Visibility and Custom Content Types from Jetpack plugin. Please go to Jetpack > Settings and look for the Appearance tab. Click on it and activate the Widget Visibility sidebar. Also, check the Writing tab and activate Custom Content Types. Click on the right down-arrow to enable Portofolio Projects and Testimonials.

Navigate to Appearance > Import Demo Data and click on the button "Import Demo Data". This process will take some time so please be patient. If all of the plugins are installed at the end of the procces you will get a succes message.

At this point your website should look like the demo and you can start editing the content to your likeing.

C) Adding and Editing Content

Now it's a great time to start editing Events, Contact, About pages. Go to Pages and edit each page with the content relevant for your business.

C) Homepage sections

The next step is to edit the Frontpage content. Go to Appearance > Customize and modify each seaction with your content.

Big Title Section

In the Customizer go to Frontpage sections > Big title section to change the Hero Image, Headline text and Button.

About Section

If you go to Frontpage sections > About section you can add your mission statement and maybe a picture just like in the demo.

In the Customizer go to Frontpage sections > Menu Section and change the Hours of Operation and add the Menu Sections you want to see on the homepage.

In the Schedule Content text area you will have to align the Hour of Operation by using the bullet list / unorder list.

If you want to add different Menu Categories please section D) Food Menu

D) Food Menu

In the WordPress Dashboard go to Food Menu section. Here you can add Menu Sections and menu Items. You can showcase the menu Section on the Homepage. All you have to do is select them in the Menu and Schedule Section. Food Menu functionality is well explained in this guide -

Note: If the Food Menu section doesn't appear after you launched the website, it is necessary to connect the Jetpack plugin to your account (for more details click here). 

E) Customization Sections


To start customizing the Frontpage Sections you can start by going to Appearance > Customize and select your prefered color scheme. Belise allows you to change the main colors of the theme. Here, you can select the background and main accent colors and main text colors.

Site Identity

You can add your logo or business name in the Customize > Site Identity section in the Live Customizer.

Header Image

Go to this section to change the header image for the pages.

Background Image

Go to this section to change the background image for the pages.

Widgets section

Belise comes with a Footer widgets area, Ribbon area and Events sections. Here is how you can customize them.

For the Events Widget section to work you would need to add the following snippet to the Template area.

<span>%start{j}%<strong>%start{M}%</strong></span><a href="%event_url%">%event_title%</a>

IF you want to have different ribbon sections, be sure you installed the Jetpack plugin and activated the Widget Visibility setting in the Appearance tab. Now you can make it show different styles for Homepage, Blog page or Shop page.

G) Configure Contact Form

The Contact Form on the Contact page was made to be used with Pirate forms. It's very easy to set up.

You can configure Pirate Forms by going into Settings > Pirate Forms

The options are pretty straightforward and easy to setup. You can disable fields, change placeholders set fields as required or optional. Even use a reCaptcha.

H) Full Width page

Belise comes with a Full-Width template. If you want to use it, please navigate to Pages section in your WordPress dashboard, click on the page that you want to display in Full Width, and then select Template -> Fullwidth Template from the right sidebar’s Page Attributes.

Belise comes with four Menu Location as it follows:

  • Primary - this is the main menu which is located in the header.
  • Categories - this one is located at the top of the posts list in the blog page.
  • Social Icons - this one is located in the header and just shows the social media icons if you add the relvenat link. The icon will appear for the social media platform link.
  • Shop - this is located at the top of the product list.
  • It's pretty easy to set up them. Just navigate to Appearance -> Menus and start creating menus for each of the above.

    J) Advanced Options

    • Copyright -> Define the copyright text that will display in the footer of the site, or just remove it completely. Also
    • Phone number and E-mail address-> change the phone number with the one your customers will reach you.
    • Enable options -> You have the possibility to enable different options to further customize the theme.

    Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. We'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but We'll do our best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.

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