How to translate Zelle Pro with WPML


Zelle is a one page WordPress theme. It's perfect for web agency business,corporate business,personal and parallax business portfolio, photography sites and freelancer.Is built on BootStrap with parallax support, is responsive, clean, modern, flat and minimal. Every element in this theme can be translated with free and premium plugins. Plus, you can use any RTL language.

What you will need

  • Zelle Pro theme
  • A recent version of WPML (version 3.6.2 or above), including the String Translation, Translation Management and Media translation add-ons.

Essential resources

  • WPML’s Getting Started Guide will help you in setting up WPML in a few minutes. You will want to refer later to some of its subtopics, such as Theme and Plugin Localization and String Translation. We recommend that you keep this guide open while following this tutorial.
  • Zelle Pro documentation will provide you with all the information needed to set it up and using its different features.


Getting started

  • Install the Zelle Pro theme, activate and configure it using Zelle Pro documentation.
  • Install and activate the core WPML plugins (WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management) first, followed by other WPML plugins that may depend on them.
  • Set up WPML from WPML > Languages. See our WPML Getting Started Guide for complete reference. The initial, simple three-step setup is self-explanatory, asking you to choose your default language, a set of active languages, and a language selector.
  • Go to WPML -> Translation Management -> Multilingual Content Setup tab -> Check the box use the translation editor -> Save

Translating the home page

Scenario 1: Your front page displays a static page

Go to Dashboard -> Pages and add a new page for your language

Complete translation for your page and click Save & Close button

Then go to your homepage and switch to your new language

Scenario 2: Your front page displays latest posts

In the next example we will translate Our focus section . The same procedure applies for any other section.

After you configure your sections content ( please refer to this  documentation ) go to Dashboard -> WPML -> String Translation

Strings can be filtered by:

  1. Select which strings to display (Translation complete, Translation needed, Waiting for translator).
  2. Select a specific text domain.
  3. Search for a specific string by typing it in the search for: field and click the search button.

In Search for: input, search for your text

Click on translations and add text in your new language then check Translation is complete and click Save . 

Important Note:  To help you figure it out how to use Customizer settings, Zelle Pro come with default content that is not translatable. Default strings won't appear in String Translation until you change them.

Go to your Front page and switch to your new language to see the result

Translating other pages and posts

  • Pages:

To translate other pages go to Dashboard -> Pages and click on + icon next to the page you want to translate. See Translating the home page: Scenario 1 for more details.

  • Posts:

To translate posts go to  Dashboard -> Posts and click on + icon next to the post you want to translate. See Translating the home page: Scenario 2 for more details.

Translating theme options

To translate theme options please refer to  Translating the home page: Scenario 2.

Translating menus

With WPML, you can easily synchronize between your languages’ menus. For more information, please check our full  menus translation tutorial.

Translating Widgets

Please refer to  this documentation to learn how to translate widgets.

Translating third-party required plugins

To translate plugins that are used in your theme please refer to this  documentation.

Getting help from our technical support

We have many supporters ready to help you in WPML forum 6 days a week. They are trained on integrating WPML with Zelle page builder. You can also ask us on ThemeIsle contact page. We will be more than happy to help you.


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