How to add a third button to Big Title section in Zerif

If you want to have more than two buttons in your Big Title section, then you can add it by editing theme files. Before following the mentioned steps, make sure that you're using a child theme.

First, you need to create a folder named sections inside your child theme. Now visit your parent theme folder, and copy big_title.php file from the /sections/ folder to the /sections/ folder of your child theme.

Now open the big_title.php file of your child theme, and find the following code:

			/* Green button */

			if (!empty($zerif_bigtitle_greenbutton_label) && !empty($zerif_bigtitle_greenbutton_url)):

				echo '<a href="'.$zerif_bigtitle_greenbutton_url.'" class="btn btn-primary custom-button green-btn">'.$zerif_bigtitle_greenbutton_label.'</a>';

			elseif ( isset( $wp_customize ) ):

				echo '<a href="" class="btn btn-primary custom-button green-btn zerif_hidden_if_not_customizer"></a>';


And add the following line after it to add your third button:

echo '<a href="LINK-GOES-HERE" class="btn btn-primary custom-button green-btn">BUTTON LABEL</a>';

It should be noted that you will have replace the link and label manually in the above button. Also you can use red-btn, yellow-btn or blue-btn, instead of green-btn.