How to change product image sizes in ShopIsle

You might want to change the image sizes in Shopisle because they are either bigger than what you want or your images are cut off (cropped).

To fix this first install and activate this plugin:

Then after installing go to Admin Dashboard->WooCommerce->Products->Display.

Scroll down the page until you find the area to edit WooCommerce's product images:

Set your desired product widths and height respectively and choose whether to use Hard Cropping or not, it is recommended to uncheck the Hard Crop option. After you have set your desired dimensions click Save changes.

You won't see the change on your website yet, we first need to regenerate our images, so go to Admin Dashboard->Tools->Regen. Thumbnails.

Click on Regenerate All Thumbnails to start the process, you will be able to see a progress bar during the regenerating. 

After the page shows 100% your images on your website will now be what you set them from the WooCommerce settings, be sure to clear your website cache if you have any caching plugin or else you might not see the changes, if you are not using a caching plugin then clear your browser cache and check for your changes.

That's it!