How to code basic CSS

If you were directed to this article it's most likely because you requested custom code changes to our themes. You may think it's poor support for us not to answer your request, the truth it's not.

When our site members purchase one of our available packages, they also get free professional support every time they need code customization for a given product — if the request does not take more than 10 minutes or they are trying to do something not possible to theme and requires extensive PHP coding.

Why do we do this? Let's make a comparison. When you buy a phone of a certain color, you cannot go back to the distributor and ask them to paint your phone in a different color for free. Another example is buying a phone without a camera and then going to the manufacturer, expecting them to add a camera onto the phone for you without any charge. This is not possible and you need a 3rd party person to help you with your requirements.

Imagine having to answer thousands of custom coding requests in a week from both our free and paid members! It's a lot and we do provide it for our Pro themes if your request qualifies.  See our packages here.

🖌CSS in the Customizer

To add CSS to your website, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

There you can add any CSS code snippet you need.

🗂Useful Resources

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