Make Zerif big title section button color transparent

In the case you don't have a CSS plugin, we advise you install   Advanced CSS Editor plugin and follow the instructions. In Appearance -> Customize -> Advanced CSS Editor in the "Global CSS" area add the following code that applies to you:

Button background color:

Left button

.big-title-container .buttons .red-btn{
background: rgba(240, 24, 0, 0.27);

Left button hover

.big-title-container .buttons .red-btn:hover{
background: rgba(240, 24, 0, 0.80);

Right button

.big-title-container .green-btn{
background: rgba(32, 240, 0, 0.27);

Right button hover

.big-title-container .green-btn:hover{
background: rgba(32, 240, 0, 0.80);

You could generate a color to use in place of our examples by using this website: 

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