How to enable sound on ShopIsle video

First start by  Creating a child theme, after you have created your child theme copy the shop_isle_video_section.php

file at /inc/sections/ from your parent theme then copy it into your child theme folder with same directory structure:

Open the file and look for the snippet which looks like this:

<!-- Youtube player start-->
<div class="video-player" data-property="{videoURL:'<?php echo $shop_isle_yt_link; ?>', containment:'.module-video', startAt:0, mute:true, autoPlay:true, loop:true, opacity:1, showControls:false, showYTLogo:false, vol:25}"></div>
<!-- Youtube player end -->

It should be around line 484 depending on the code editor you are using. 

Change mute:true to mute:false then save your changes to the file. Refresh your homepage and you should start hearing sound.

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