How to add a logo as loading icon in ShopIsle

If you want to change the loading icon/preloader icon to an image then you first need to install our CSS plugin   Advanced CSS Editor and in Appearance -> Customize -> Advanced CSS Editor add the following code to the "Global CSS" section:

/* Makes logo round */
border-radius: 50%;

/* Controls width */
width: 125px;

/* Controls Height */
height: 125px;

/* Enter image URL */
background-image: url("");

/* Stops logo from spinning */
animation: none !important;
-webkit-animation: none !Important;
-moz-animation: none !important;
-o-animation: none !important;

/* Stops background repeating */
background-repeat: no-repeat;

/* fills in image */
background-size: cover;

/* remove border */
border: none !important;

Adjust the properties above to your liking, the most important would be the actual URL of the image and the dimensions, an image 125x125px is recommended.

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