Zillah Documentation

The theme you are looking for is not scheduled to receive new features going forward.

We recommend checking our latest theme, Neve.

Install & Configure Your New Theme

Go to Purchase History to download Zillah. After downloading the theme, navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload, in your WordPress dashboard. Now, click the Choose File button, select the archive of your theme from your local computer and press the Install Now button. In few seconds, WordPress will upload and extract the theme archive for you. All you need to do next is to press the Activate link under the message for successful theme installation.

How to install a theme

Now, navigate to Settings > Reading settings, and make sure that you are using Your latest posts option. If you've done all this, then you can visit your website.

Jetpack plugin is required to use some of this theme’s features, including: Related Posts and Social Links. You can find Jetpack at this link.

Configure Social Icons

Zillah uses a menu to display social links to the header of your site. It's easy to setup and you just have to put the link of your social account, and it pulls the icon automatically. You can add the menu from Appearance > Customize > Menus, and add a menu from there. Right now it allows you to put Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Dribbble, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Instagram, Linkedin, Foursquare and Tumblr icons.

Configure Featured Slider

Zillah comes with a very beautiful content slider which allows you to feature your content. You can enable it from Appearance > Customize > Featured Content Slider, and show the slider and select the category you want the slider to appear from. You must have an even number of posts for the slides to work properly, at least 4.

Theme Options

The theme comes with various options which can be found by navigating to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options. It has:

  • Show Sidebar: If you check this box, the sidebar will appear on homepage and archive page.
  • Show Tags: If you check this box, the tags will appear in posts.
  • Get 1st image in the post as featured: If you check this box, the first image of the post will be used as the featured image. The recommended dimensions for featured image are: 1090x545px
  • Show updated date in post header: If you check this box, each post will display its latest updated date, besides the creating date.
  • Select first font family ( content ): You can select the font which you want to be used on your blog's content.
  • Select second font family ( headings ): You can select the font which you want to be used on your blog's headings.
  • Select Font Size: You can select the size of the font from the list.

Color, Header & Background

Zillah allows you to change theme colors from Appearance > Customize > Colors. From there you can select one of the multiple color schemes, and put some custom colors too.

Apart from the colors, you can also change the Header and site background from the customizer, as illustrated in the above image.

Other Options

Content Classes

Theme has several classes which you can use in your posts to style them, as you can see here. These tags are:

  • .dropcap
  • blockquote.alignright
  • blockquote.alignleft
  • .highlight

Setting Up Author Description

Post authors can have a little bio appearing below their posts by adding it to their user profile. You can navigate to Users > Your Profile, and add your bio to your Biographical Info. If you're an admin you can also edit other user's bio.

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