Exclude posts in Revive Old Post

Excluding posts in ROP (Revive Old Post) is fairly simple. Please head over to your WordPress Dashboard and hover over the "Revive Old Post" sidebar item, you should then see an option called Exclude Posts show up, click on it.

Let's go through the options at the top:

  1. View
  2. Post type
  3. Category
  4. Search box
  5. Exclude selected button

1. View - Use this option to filter between the currently excluded or not excluded posts.

2. Post type - Use this option to filter between type of posts example normal posts vs WooCommerce products - By default this option will only show the post types which you actually have selected from the General Settings page of ROP.

3. Category - This option is used to filter to a particular category of the post type.

4. Search box - You could use this search box to filter the exact name of the post you are looking for.

5. Exclude Selected button - Use this button to exclude and also unexclude posts, after checking the box to exclude a post you can restore it by unchecking the checkbox and clicking the "exclude selected" button again.