Theme Setup wizard

In Otter 2.6 we introduced the onboarding wizard, that offers a streamlined theme setup experience for users of our Raft FSE theme.

In order to experience the onboarding wizard, you need to have the Raft theme installed and activated. 

Wizard steps

The wizard will guide you through a series of steps, that allow you to define the style and layout of your new theme. This process is optional, but facilitates an intuitive initial setup of the most important templates of your site. The series of steps are as follows:

  • Site Name and Logo
  • Theme Style preset
  • Homepage layout
  • Template for Single Post
  • Template for Archives
  • Additional full-page layouts that you can import as new pages


Does the Setup Wizard work with any theme? 

Right now only our Raft theme is compatible with the onboarding wizard. We soon plan to make all our other block themes compatible. If you are a theme developer and you want to make your theme compatible as well, stay tuned, as we are working on a guide.

How can I trigger the Theme Setup wizard?

You can easily trigger the onboarding  using the Theme Setup menu link under the appearance menu in the admin sidebar.

Can I hide the Theme Setup menu link if I don't need it anymore?

Yes, you can easily disable the related toggle in Otter Settings. 

Can I still edit my theme in Site Editor?

Yes, absolutely, you can work in the Site editor as usual. The onboarding wizard just gives you additional layout options for your most important templates, and facilitates a more streamlined setup. But you still maintain the flexibility to work in the site editor if you choose.

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