How to Customize the Hover State for Links in FSE Themes?

Hover effects are a vital part of web design, especially in FSE themes. They give users clear visual cues, indicating that a particular element is interactive. When users see links change color upon hovering, it reassures them that the element can be clicked, thereby encouraging further exploration. By default, in the FSE themes, the links are not properly highlighted. This guide explains how to underline linked words and how to change their color in a hover state.


Insert the  /wp-admin/customize.php structure at the end of your URL.


Open the Additonal CSS panel.


Paste this code snippet:

a:hover {
	text-decoration: underline;
	color: #FF5733;

📝 Note: To change the color, just replace the FF5733 code color with the desired one.

Before using the code snippet

After using the code snippet

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