How to Migrate FSE Themes Options?

To migrate the FSE theme's options, there are just a few steps that need to be done. 


Install the Design Import/Export plugin.


Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard and open the Design Import/Export panel.

📤 Export Options

To export the theme's options, inside the Design Import/Export panel, select the files that you want to export, then click on Download Export file.

It will generate an XML file that will be saved on your computer. 

📝 Note: The file can be used only for the theme or child theme it came from.

📥 Import Customizer Option


To import the FSE theme's options, navigate to the other website and install the Design Import/Export plugin. 


Navigate to the Design Import/Export panel > Import section.


Choose the XML file that you previously exported. 


Finally, click on the Upload file and import to finalize the process.


Source Website

Destination Website

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