How to Customize the Shop section in Hestia?

📝 Note: The Shop Section requires the WooCommerce plugin to work, so make sure it's installed. 

A shop section is useful on a website because it allows businesses to showcase and sell their products or services directly to customers online, providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience. The Shop frontpage section is designed to showcase your best products and is divided into two panels:

First Panel - General

  • Disable section - option to disable the section. 
  • Section Title and Subtitle 
  • Number of Items - allows you to change the number of products displayed in the Shop Section.
  • 💸 Categories - choose the category from which products should be displayed. Available only in pro.

💸 Second Panel - Products

  • Order - select the order of products Descending / Ascending.
  • WooCommerce shortcode - insert WooCommerce specific shortcodes to display certain shop attributes. In the below example, we added the [sale_products] shortcode, which allowed us to display only the products that were on sale. Check the complete list of shortcodes here.

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