How to Customize the Features section in Hestia?

📝 Note: This section is available only after you install and activate Orbit Fox plugin.

A features section is useful on a website because it briefly showcases the key functionalities and benefits, helping visitors understand the value proposition and encouraging engagement. Here you can find the available customizations:

  • Disable section - option to disable the section. 
  • Section Title - the main title of the Features Section.
  • Section Subtitle - subtitle for the Features Section.
  • Features Content - in this area you can add as many Feature boxes as you want. Each Feature box has the following options:
    • Image type - features can be represented by icons from FontAwesome or images. For the Icon type, you can use the FontAwesome list to pick the suitable one and select a color for it. For the Image type, you can insert the URL (internal from Media Library or external) of the image or upload a new one. The last option is None, which allows you to display only the content of the feature box.
    • Apart from this, you can configure the title and content of each feature box and even link it to a dedicated page.

Image Type - Icon

Image Type - Image

📝 Note: This Image option is available in Hestia Pro.

Image Type - None

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