BookRev Lite Documentation

Find out how to customize the theme in a few steps

General Settings


Change General Settings sections :

    1. Post Featured Image – You can add a featured image right here.
    2. Product Image – You can also choose an image for your product.
    3. Website Favicon – Add a favicon to your website.

Important! The ideal size for the featured image is 238×300.

The images that you can see first when you install the theme are default images. If you do not have any featured images selected, then these images will be posted.

Site Identity


Change Site Title sections:

  1. Site Title – Add the site title.
  2. Tagline – A short description of the site.

Social Links

  • Social Links – In this section, you can add your favorite social networks (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Flickr)

Footer Settings

  • Footer Customization – Add your Copyright text and select the color for Background and Lower Footer sections. You can also add a logo image for the footer and choose if you want it to appear or not. The theme recommends a logo size of 138 × 43 pixels for the footer.

Header Settings

  • Here you can add a logo or an advertisement banner: image, description, and URL. Now you can easily change the color for the header background and for the header menu background.

Main Page

  • Main page – one of the most complex sections. You have the possibility to choose: the Layout type (Full-width, Sidebar Right, or Sidebar Left), the Category  (Slider Reviews, Featured Category Block, and Highlights of the Day), and which section you want to be displayed (Slider, Featured Category Block, Latest Article Carousel Block, and Display Highlights of the Day Block).
  • A post must be sticky in order to be displayed in Highlights of the Day section.
  • Add a title for the following sections: Highlights of the Day, Featured Category Block, and Latest Article Block.


  • Change the typography – This theme has an amazing feature – you can easily change the typography. So you can change the typography for the titles, the content, and meta box.



Change Navigation sections:

  • Add new Menu – Your theme supports 2 menus – Primary Header Menu and Top Bar Menu. Select which menu you would like to use. You can edit your menu’s content from the Menus screen in the Appearance section.

Main Page Background Colors

  • Change the color – In BookRev Lite, you can change the colors for your homepage. So you can customize the color for Highlights of the Day Block, Articles, Latest Articles Block Item Hover, Latest Article, Featured Category, Widget, Pagination Button, and more.
  • In BookRev Pro, you can change the colors for the entire theme.

Static Front-page

  • Front-page displays – Your theme supports a static front page.


  • Add a widget as simple as in the left picure. Click on “Add a Widget” and then add what widget you want. For this section, we recommend BookRev Featured Reviews and BookRev Latest Comments.