How to Customize the Header/Footer in Neve FSE Theme?

Neve FSE Theme comes with a very powerful feature that will help previous Neve users improve their experience with the block-based editor. Apart from the possibility of creating a header and footer, Neve FSE also provides variations of each template part.

📍 Access the Template Parts


To access these, navigate to  Appearance > Editor > Template Parts.


Select the part that you want to customize.


Click on the plus button to add new template parts.

✂️ Replace the Template Parts


While editing a template (e.g. Front Page), you can click on a template part.


Click on the three dots in the settings bar.


Select Replace {template_parts_name} (e.g. Replace Header).


Choose another existing template part.

🗂 Layouts

Predefined Layouts

There are four layouts available for the footer area and three layouts for the header area. 

Even if these are predefined, you can customize them to suit your needs.

Original Layouts

Apart from the predefined layouts, you can still create your own header or footer layouts.


To do this, navigate to  Appearance > Editor > Template Parts.


Select Header / Footer according to your needs.


Start customizing the template part.

📝 Note: The changes that you make here will appear live on the pages where the template part is used.

🧰 Using the Template Parts

To use the previously created template parts, navigate to one of the templates, for example, Front Page.


Click on the ➕ icon to add new blocks and search for the Header block.


Choose the one you have customized. You can use the Edit button to be directly moved to the Header editor. The changes will be reflected on the page too.

🎥 Video - How to Change the Header in FSE Themes?

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