How to Configure the Texter Input in PPOM?

📝 Note: This is part of PPOM pro, which you can get from here.

The PPOM Texter meta field is a useful tool for printing or customizing products online shop. This permits the administrator to define a position and area for the text, with other particularizations, allowing the user to fill in the text and add it to the cart.

🧰 Configuring the Texter in Dashboard

The shop admin can configure the texter field from Dashboard > PPOM Texter. From there, he can add new designs or edit the old ones.

At first, it displays a textbox that you can place anywhere on the product. Then, you can use the Add Textbox button to add more of them.

There are available settings for text, such as a title, adding min-max restraints, predefining a font size or a font family, as well as adding text and background colors:

📝 Note: If you add multiple textboxes, the settings are individual, so you have to configure them one by one.

📌 Attaching the Texter to Products

After configuring the texter, you have to attach it to the products. For this, add it as a regular texter meta field and make sure you select the previously created Texter Meta inside the settings:

Save the fields, then go back to the field groups and use the Attach to Products button:

👁 Texter for the Customer and User

For the customer

On the website, the user will have a button that he can use to insert text:

A new modal will appear to add the desired text; it might differ due to the settings you provided (alignment, etc).

The last step is to save and close the modal, then check the cart page for the output. There will appear the product, as well as the inserted text.

For the Admin of the shop

The admin will find the orders inside WooCommerce > Orders. The example provided in this doc will appear like this:

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