How to set up your SMTP server?

In order to set up the SMTP server, you will have to follow a small setup before:
Install the WP Mail SMTP plugin.
Once the plugin has been installed and activated, you will have to configure it through the Setup Wizard, which can be found in Dashboard > WP Mail SMTP > General > Mail.
Select the SMTP mailer ( in this example, we have used Gmail ).

Now it's time to configure Gmail. Click on the link ( 1 ) and follow the instructions. After finishing, you will receive the Client ID ( for ( 2 ) ) and the Client Secret ( for ( 3 ) ). The Authorized Redirect URL ( 4 ) is a standard URL that can be found in the instructions.

After authorizing, you can skip the steps until the end. Once you have finished the wizard, the Contact Form is configured. You will just have to complete the Email To field and the Email Subject one and test the functionality by using the form from the page.

📝 Note: It may take time until the email starts working. This is mentioned in their doc too.

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