How Do I Split My Generated List into Columns?


Create a parent container for your generated list using the Shortcode Tab

Here you need to create a container for your generated list using HTML to give it a structure The only limitation here would be your imagination and skill so have fun with it. Below we are just offering an example so feel free to modify it to your liking.

<div class="generated_list">

	[mpg project-id="PROJECTID" limit="500] 
	    <a href="{{mpg_url}}">{{mpg_city}}</a>

Style your list with CSS

You can use the Additional CSS section in the Customizer or a dedicated style.css file in your child theme for this code.

.generated_list {
  -webkit-column-count: 3;
  column-count: 3;
  font-size: medium;
  font-weight: bold;


Check out this video with a short example

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