How to upgrade from Zerif Lite to Zerif Pro When Using a child theme

Important notice: ResponsiveBoat, ZBlackbeard, Zerius, Zifer and OnePirate child themes are not maintained anymore, consider using the parent theme Zerif Lite or check-out our latest free one-page theme Hestia.

This document will help you upgrade from Zerif Lite to Zerif Pro when you are using a child theme.

For the following example, we will choose  ResponsiveBoat. To make ResponsiveBoat work with Zerif Pro you need to follow these steps:

1. First of all, you need to install ResponsiveBoat (which automatically installs Zerif Lite too, if not installed). 

2. Install Zerif Pro and activate it. 

3. While having Zerif Pro activated, you need to go and edit the file style.css from the ResponsiveBoat theme.

You just need to change this line: 

Template: zerif-lite


Template: zerif-pro

4. After completing the previous step, activate ResponsiveBoat.

Please let me know if you manage to do that, or you need any further support.

Zerif child themes:  ResponsiveBoatZBlackbeardZeriusZifer and OnePirate