Custom invoice and tax exemption

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After purchasing a subscription or a lifetime plan to one of our products, a default invoice will be generated by the system - example here.

You can contact us to update the invoice with the company name, address, and VAT ID.

Tax exemption

When purchasing one of our products, the company VAT ID can be added in the purchase-pop for the tax exemption.

In case you already purchase a plan and taxes were charged, you can contact the FastSpring team(our payment processor) on this page, provide them your company's VAT ID and ask them for a tax refund. Please locate your order number on the invoice(example below), as it might be required in the contact form. Only the FastSpring support team can issue a tax refund - we can help you only with a full refund, or updating the invoice.

Please note that all of our payments are handled via FastSpring, which means that you'll buy the subscription from them, that's why you see the FastSpring company details on the invoice as the seller. In case you need the tax exemption certificate of our company, you can download it from here.

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