How to upgrade my subscription

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If you are interested in upgrading your subscription to unlock more options available in the desired product, this can be done in two ways, through our integrations:

📝 Note: Please note that upgrades are available as long as the current subscription is active ( not expired ).

FastSpring Integration

The FastSpring integration allows you to simply upgrade your subscription in your ThemeIsle account, from the Purchase history tab.

From there, you can click on the desired plan panel on the Upgrade Now button.

In case the desired plan isn't available there, feel free to contact us on this page and we'll provide a custom link.

📝 Note: For enabling the additional features after upgrading the subscription, please reactivate the license key as per the following guides.

Reactivating the license key after upgrade

Reactivating Neve license key after upgrade

Stripe Integration

To upgrade through the Stripe integration, you can follow one of these methods:

From your ThemeIsle account, go to the Subscriptions tab.


For the plan that you want to be upgraded, click on the Change button.

You will be redirected to the Stripe portal, from where you can update payment details and also click on the Update plan button.

From your ThemeIsle account, go to the Edit your profile tab.

Scroll down and click on the Billing button.

Please note the subscription can't be upgraded if the auto-renewal for it was disabled. You can temporarily un-cancel it for upgrading.

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