The Copyright Component - Neve Header / Footer Builder

This component is available with the premium version of the Neve theme(any license tier) that you can get from here.

The Copyright component is an indispensable tool of the Header / Footer Builder, that appears at the bottom of the page.

🧰Using the Component

Start by adding the component into the rows, by clicking on the ➕ button and selecting the component.

Open the component's  settings to customize it, by clicking on the ⚙️icon.

🔮Customizing the Component

There are three panels with customizing options for this component, which allow you to create the desired header / footer:


⚙️General Panel

When you click on the ⚙️ icon, the General tab will appear on the left side. From there you can add any widget from the library, by clicking on the ➕ button.

In the general tab is available a blank field where the user can add code or use the  dynamic tags.

Dynamic Tags are another way of adding content to the HTML component. Dynamic Tags draw content from the website, or from the current page/post, changing dynamically according to the Page or Post it’s on. To get access to the Dynamic Tags click on the three dots shaped like a triangle.

Here is an example of how to configure the current year to appear in the footer and to update automatically next year, without further actions required from your side.

 📐Layout Panel

In the Layout tab, you also have access to advanced positioning options like:

  •  Alignment - left / center / right, inside the header builder available space for the Menu Icon component.
  • Padding and Margin - available in PX, EM, REM, and %, with a link button that helps establish the same dimension for all the directions  ( Desktop | Tablet | Mobile ).

🖌 Style Panel

In this area, you will find options for customization for the copyright text.

  • setting colors for Text - with the option to choose one of the global colors ( theme's default colors ), by clicking on the 🌐 button.
  • The typography subpanel found in the Style tab offers the following options:
    • Transform - None / Capitalise / Lowercase / Uppercase
    • Weight - None / 100 to 900
    • Font Size, Line Height (in PX / EM)Letter Spacing ( in PX) -  along with a reset button ( Desktop | Tablet | Mobile ).

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