How to change the footer color in Hestia

You can easily change Hestia's footer background color, by adding the following CSS code in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

	footer {
		background: #6797e2 !important;

We recommend you also update the text color, to match your newly added background color, by also adding:

	footer, footer p, footer h1, footer h2, footer h3, footer h4, footer h5, footer h6, footer .copyright {
		color: #191a1c !important;

You can also change the color of all the links, by adding:

	footer a {
		color: #191a1c !important;

And, finally, to change the color of the line separator, you can use:

footer hr {
	border-color: #191a1c !important;

Note: Make sure you use your own colors. The colors used in this document are just an example.

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