Neve usage tracking

By design, plugin and theme makers do not receive usage data from This allows us to stay true to the spirit of WordPress, giving users complete control of their data.

It also means that Neve does not have information about how many sites there are, how site owners are using Neve, or who might be getting stuck when using our theme – this makes it harder for us to determine who needs what and to improve Neve.

Enabling usage tracking helps us:

  • Understand how sites are set up and cater to feature development.
  • Understand the number of sites potentially impacted if something goes wrong with a specific feature or update, and act more quickly to resolve issues. 

What we’ll track

We track non-sensitive data about how a site is set up and managed. We do not track or store personal data from you or your clients.

We do not track and store the admin email or any of your users emails

Full list of what we track:

  • Site URL
  • Activated plugins list
  • MySQL version
  • PHP version
  • Template overrides
  • Neve theme options
  • Web server software and version
  • WordPress version
  • WordPress locale  

How to stop sharing your data 

In order to opt-out of sharing your data with us, go to Appearance > Neve Options then click the  Allow anonymous tracking button.

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