How To Update Payment Details

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If you are interested in updating your payment details and managing your subscriptions, this can be done in two ways, through our integrations:

FastSpring Integration

First, please navigate to your ThemeIsle account, Edit your profile tab.

After clicking on the Changing payment method button, you will have access to your FastSpring account. On this page, you can add a new payment method.

📝 Note: In case the button mentioned above isn't available in your ThemeIsle account, you can access FastSpring on this page, by using the same email address as in your ThemeIsle account.

Account Details and Payment Methods

📝 Note: Please make sure that you check the box next to Apply to all my subscriptions.

Stripe Integration

From your ThemeIsle account, go to the Edit your profile tab.


Scroll down and click on the Billing button.

You will be redirected to the Stripe portal, from where you can update payment details.

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