How to import iTunes audio feed

Some audio feeds have custom tag structure and not the usual ones. Example Feed Source: In this case, we need to inform the plugin which tag is used for the audio URL.

If you view the source of the given feed, you will see this tag:

<enclosure url=... />

Now, to fetch this tag's value in your post you can use this magic tag:


Let's try an import:

Step 1: Add Feed URL

Step 2: Add Filters

Step 3: Assign Tags

Click On "Add custom fields" and add values. 

  • Key Name: Audio URL
  • Key Value: [#item_custom_enclosure@url]


It will create a new custom field named "Audio URL" there and fetch the URL value in it.

Note: Gutenberg/Block Editor don't have custom fields enabled by default. If you don't see the above screen, enable them by using these steps.

Add to Content: 

If you want to fetch the URL inside post content, add "[#item_custom_enclosure@url]" tag inside "Item Content" field like this:


The above settings imports URL inside the content.

Note: This is not importing an audio file but extracting the URL for placement into the content. The audio file, therefore, will not be present as a file in the installs/uploads folder. It is just a plain URL without any formatting.

You can use this guide to import any other media URL. Create the magic tag using this tutorial and use that tag instead of given one here. 

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