How to remove links

Here is a simple function which uses REGEX to remove link, but keep the anchor content:

function tifd_feedzy_remove_link_matches( $matches ) {
    return $matches[2];
function tifd_feedzy_remove_link( $content, $feedURL ) {
    $pattern= '/<a.*href=\"(.*)\".*>(.*)<\/a>/iU';
    $content= preg_replace_callback( $pattern, 'tifd_feedzy_remove_link_matches', $content );
    return $content;

We’re now going to use this function with the Feedzy hooks:

//Remove the thumnail link
add_filter( 'feedzy_thumb_output', 'tifd_feedzy_remove_link', 9, 2 );
//Remove the title link
add_filter( 'feedzy_title_output', 'tifd_feedzy_remove_link', 9, 2 );
//Remove the author link
add_filter( 'feedzy_meta_output', 'tifd_feedzy_remove_link', 9, 2 );
//Or remove all links at once
add_filter( 'feedzy_global_output', 'tifd_feedzy_remove_link', 9, 2 );