What hooks and filters are available in Feedzy

WordPress plugins can be very customizable and in this tutorial we will show you how to change certain features like: adding a read more link or displaying items in a random order.

Available Hooks

  • filter: feedzy_feed_items
  • filter: feedzy_item_keyword
  • filter: feedzy_thumb_output
  • filter: feedzy_title_output
  • filter: feedzy_meta_args
  • filter: feedzy_meta_output
  • filter: feedzy_summary_input
  • filter: feedzy_summary_output
  • filter: feedzy_global_output
  • filter: feedzy_thumb_sizes
  • filter: feedzy_feed_blacklist_images
  • filter: feedzy_default_image
  • filter: feedzy_feed_timestamp
  • filter: feedzy_default_error
  • filter: feedzy_author_url
  • filter: shortcode_atts_feedzy_default
  • native filter: wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime

Note: the $feedURL argument (variable which contains the displayed feed URL) is available for every hooks, but is always optional. Use it for more targeted tweaks.