Why to renew the license, I thought it's for lifetime?

Our products' licenses are available for a variable time period, depending on the package the client chooses.

Diamond Pack has its license available for 12 months, during which the user will receive updates and support, as well as Treasure Chest Lite. On the other hand, Treasure Chest comes with a 2 years plan, and Pirate Club with lifetime updates and support.

However, the product will work for lifetime and you have full rights to use it as it is (GPL licensed), the only reason to renew is if you want updates and support when the license becomes invalid.

After 1 year the license will be more expensive or cheaper ?

Usually, we do offer a discount for the renewal, so in most cases the renewal should be cheaper. However, we are still new on the market and working on figuring our how sustainable our pricing is.

What happens when my plan reaches its one year or 2 years?

The plan will renew automatically and it  will no longer be done by the user. However, you can always cancel the subscription.